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The Radical Way to Learn Chinese

The underlying premise behind our writing curriculum is that we understand when you look at a Chinese character you’re not looking at a random assortment of lines, swoops and slashes. Rather, every single Chinese character is a collection of smaller pictographs or ideographs that are assembled together in different combinations to convey a meaning. This is similar to how letters are assembled together to form words. For those of you who have already spent time studying Chinese, you are probably familiar with 部首 (bu4shou3). Some of these basic building blocks we’re referring to are 部首, but there are also many other components besides these.

We believe students should FIRST learn these simpler building block components before they begin learning whole Chinese characters. Think about it. You learn to write your basic ABCs before you start to write whole words like “medicine”, so why don’t you learn the basic pictographs and ideographs 幺, 艹, 白 and 木 before you learn to write the whole character “藥”?

All 100,000 Chinese characters are merely different combinations of 400 simple pictographs and ideographs. The secret to quickly mastering huge numbers of Chinese characters is to first learn these 400 basic components. In our curriculum, after you learn a basic component you will discover all of the Chinese characters that contain that component. When you have learned all of the basic components that combine together to form a certain Chinese character, that Chinese character will be unlocked for you to learn.


Who Our Courses Are Designed For

Our Chinese courses are designed for both independent learners who are studying Chinese on their own and for schools looking to integrate our software into their classroom Chinese courses

If you are an individual who is interested in using our software on your own for self-study purposes, go for it! We have thousands of independent learners using the ABCs of Chinese web app to master Chinese characters. Just create an “independent learner” account and you’ll have full control to tweak our courses to best fit your needs. You can learn more about our curriculum “playlists” and pricing below.

If you are a Chinese instructor, department head, school superintendent or dean who is interested in implementing our software into your existing Chinese course, the ABCS of Chinese team has made numerous design decisions specifically to meet your needs. Please look through the “Classroom Integration” content below to help you better assess our company’s values, the adaptability of our software and our class integration solutions.



Learn at your own pace and comfort zone. You can go as fast or as slow as you like!



We can integrate into your classroom like the Matrix. You can be the Neo of Chinese Character Learning.



Think of us like the Porsche dealership of Chinese Character Learning systems, except with Kia prices.


The ABCs of Chinese Team

The small, but dedicated group of committed collaborators